Terms of sale



enter 1) The placing of a bid will constitute acceptance of the conditions of sale.

http://skatec.cz/zkusebni-stranka/ 2) All bids are per lot as numbered in the catalog.   We reserve the right to   withdraw any lot at any time.

go 3) All lots are sold to the highest bidder.

4) We are not responsible for errors in bidding or on bid sheets.   PLEASE check your Bids!

5) American Coin and Stamp Brokerage Inc. reserves the right to decline any bid(s), for any reason, in part or in whole.

  • a) Please DO NOT waste our time by entering ridiculous bids.
  • b) Any bidder who is successful for less than $25.00 dollars will not be invoiced.

6) NO unlimited or buy bids will be accepted.

7) In the case of tie bids, the earliest bidder will be declared the winner.

8) Any lot may be returned for the following reasons within ten (10) days, as long as payment is received in a timely fashion (10days after the invoice has been mailed to you.), and all items are sealed in the original holder.

  • A) Miss-described as to grade or condition.
  • B) Any item found to be altered or counterfeit by a competent authority such as the American Numismatic Association Certification Service or the Philatelic Foundation. For any items in question, ACSB must be notified in writing within 10 days of the closing date of the sale that certification is being sought.

EXCEPTIONS: Lots may not be returned if;

  1. A) Lots contain five or more items.
  2. B) You cannot return a partial lot.
  3. C) Lots described as damaged or repaired are NOT returnable because of the described faults.
  4. D) No illustrated lots may be returned for reasons of centering, perfs, margins, or other factors pictured in illustration.
  5. E) Certified Stamps or Coins are not returnable, for any reason.
  6. F) Toning is NOT a reason to return a lot. Please call us for a better description.
  7. F) If seals on Coins, Stamps or Baseball cards are broken.
  8. G) If your payment for your winnings is received late.
  9. H) If you return a lot deemed as described in our sale, (which means we absolutely disagree) a 20 % restocking fee may apply at our discretion.

9) All stamps and coins are sold as genuine, but should any lot proved otherwise by written opinion of any responsible authority acceptable to us, immediate refund of the full purchase price will be made, provided we are notified in writing within 10days from the date of sale that an opinion is being sought.

10) We reserve the right to require a 50% deposit from any bidder, at our discretion.

11) When using the LIMIT purchase option, your bids will be held to a maximum of ten percent over your limit.


12) Successful bidders will be notified within 10-14 days of closing date by mail, of lots purchased and must remit payment before lots are delivered. Payment is due within 10 days of notification. Persons who are known to us, may at our option, have purchases forwarded for immediate payment.

13) Payment due in U. S. funds upon receipt of invoice.

14) All Packages will be shipped by the U.S. Post Office, Postage and Insurance will be paid by the successful bidder, (minimum $1.49). Any other method of shipping can be arranged by special arrangements.at bidders cost.

15) Successful bidders agree to pay for lots as specified above and no credit is extended.  For over-due accounts, a late charge of 2% per month (minimum $2.00) will be charged. The placing of bids in this Mail Bid Sale is a legally binding contract.We will pursue collection of all successful bidders to the full extent of the law, at the BIDDER’S EXPENSE.   These expenses will include all legal, collection and court cost. To avoid collection expenses, non-payers are subject to a 20%  restocking fee or $20.00 which ever is higher and only if the restocking fees are paid before collection procedures start.

16) Title of merchandise does not pass to the bidder until the account is paid in full.

17) All packages will be shipped after your check clears our bank,(generally within 10 business days.). Credit cards, Money Orders or Certified Checks will be shipped within three days.

18) New York State residents are liable for the applicable sales tax.

19) Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this sale shall be settled by the courts of Nassau County, State of NY, who shall have exclusive jurisdiction and venue over any suit.


21) We ship all packages by the United States Postal Service all packages are insured up until they reach your countries Post Office.

BIDDING INCREMENTS $100.00 – 199.00—-$5.00
$19.00—-$1.00 $200.00 – $399.00—-$10.00
$20.00 – $49.00—-$2.00 $400.00 – $999.00—-$25.00
$50.00 – $99.00—-$4.00 $1000.00 – and up—–$50.00

(Please bid in even dollar amounts only. Bids should not end in .01 , .10 or .25, ect.)


Grading & Abbreviations

Grading is an ART, not an exact science, well feel that our grades are conservative.   We have more than 80 years combined experience in the field. American Coin & Stamps Brokerage Inc. has been in business for more than 10 years, so we must be doing something correct. If you ever have any question about the grade or description of any lot, please call us on our TOLL-FREE line, 1-800-682-2272 or 1-516-546-2300 as we will be more than happy to give you a more complete description of any lot or item. Bid with confidence & GOOD LUCK!!


1) Coins are graded by Strict ANA standards.

2) We Have Over 80 years in combined         experience in grading coins .

3) Large Lots and rolls are grade as a whole not         as individual coins.

4) Certified coins are as noted in the description         by service and date when applicable.

ANACS – American Numismatic Certification                  Service

INS – Internation Numismatic Society

NCI – Numismatic Cetification Institute

NGC – Numismatic Guaranty Corporation

PCGS – Professional Coin Grading Service

NTC – Numistrust Corporation

SEGS – Sovereign Entities Grading Service

CGA – Currency Grading Authentication

PCI – Professional Certification Institute

5) Toning will be noted in most cases, toning is         not a reason for returning coins.

6) Major defects will be noted in the description.

s# (US) – Sheldon #

N# (US) – Newcomb #

V# (US) – Valentine #

B# (US) – Bolender #

M# (US) – Maris #

VAM# (US) – Van Allen & Mallis #

KM# (FC) – Krause – Misher #

C# (FC) – Craig #


C# – Criswell Currency

Y# (FC) – Yeoman #

B# (FC) – Battenburg #

D# (FC) – Davenport #

SB# (AC) – Seaby Ancient Coins

S# (AC) – Sear by Seaby Ancient


S# (AC) – Sear by Spinks Ancient

F# – Flud # Tokens


F# – Freidberg Currency

Slabbed – Certified coins encapsulated in plastic holder.


     sm. – small

     lt. – light

     obv. – obverse

     rev. – reverse

     w/ – with

     wo/ – without



AG – 3








Notes on Grading:

1) Toning is a natural process by which some coins

will change color.       Toning does not affect the

grade of a coin, and in many case will add value

to the coin. Toning is not a reason for returning a coin.

2) Circulated coins will have minor hits, nicks or

scratches from normal use, these marks should

be expected when purchasing circulated grades.

1) All Faults are described.

2) AVE – Design cut by perforations   

3) FINE – Perfs clear design.

4) F/VF – Perfs clear of design & somewhat nicely centered.

5) VF – A well centered stamp.

6) XF – Perfectly centered stamp.

7) Superb XF – Plus wide margins.

8) NH – Never hinged.

9) LH – Lightly hinged.

10) VLH – Very lightly hinged.

11) H – Hinged

12) HR – Hinged remnant.

13) HH – Heavy hinged.

14) * – Unused stamp.

15) O – Used stamp.

16) LR – Lower right.

17) LL – Lower left.

18) UL – Upper left.

19) UR – Upper right.

20) SON – Socked on the nose cancel.

21) PO – Post Office.

22) rt./lt. – Right / Left.

23) PL# – Plate number.

24) BLK – Block.

25) add. – Addressed.

26) OG. – Original gum.

27) NG. – No gum.

1) MINT – Near Perfect in every way, subtle prodution defects allowed.

2) NM – Nearly perfect with some minor imperfections.

3) EX – Clean comic, some surface wear begining to show, slight wear at conners.

4) FINE – Above average copy, more surface wear and defects at spine & edge.

5) VG – Average used comic book.

6) GOOD – Has all pages, small pieces of comic missing, more wear and defects.

1) MINT – No flaws or wear well centered, original gloss, sharp edges & original color borders.

2) NM/MINT– One very minor flaw, one corner w/slight wear, color or focus imperfection.

3) NM – One minor flaw, one fuzzy corner, 2-4 corners w/sligh wear, slightly rough edges.

4) EX/NM – Two or three fuzzy corners, not rounded, rough edges, color or focus problem.

5) EX – Four fuzzy corners, some gloss loss, rough edges, color or focus problems.

6) VG/EX – Rounded corners, edge notching, loss of gloss, may have minor crease.

7) VG – More rounded corners, edge notching, loss of gloss, may have a few minor creases.

8) GOOD -Worn, mishandled or abused, well rounded corners, scuffed, heavy creases, fading.

Special Notices: Special Notices:

a) We are not responsible for typographical errors printed in this catalog.

b) If a return is made on an item which has been described correctly, a 20% restocking fee may apply at our discretion.

What is a “LIMIT BIDDER”?

        Put simply, a Limit Bidder is a bidder on a budget! As an example let’s say Mr. Smith has reviewed our latest catalog and has circled all the lots of interest.  However, when he adds up all of his bids, he realizes his bids are larger than his wallet.   For the sake of round numbers, lets say his bids add up to $600.00, but his budget for this month is only $350.00. All Mr. Smith needs to do, is enter the $600.00 worth of bids on the bid sheet, (inside the back cover) and, “write in $350.00”, for his limit on the top half of the bid sheet. Bidding in this manner tells us to eliminate him from any bids that would cause him to go over his $350.00 budget (within 10%). This method allows our bidders to bid on a wide spectrum of material insuring success and limiting their risk of over spending. Caution, if you are bidding on a total of less than $200.00, this option is not available.

Do’s and Don’ts

        When using the limit option please bid on two or three times your limit. Do not bid on $10,000.00 worth of material with a $200.00 limit!


Buying stamps and coins in a mail bid sale is fun and easy. American Coin and Stamp Brokerage Inc. WANTS YOU to be a successful bidder in it’s sales. We are available to help you in any manner that we possibly can. Just give us a call on our TOLL-FREE line 1-800-682-2272 (It’s our dime), or 516-546-2300 and ask us any questions that you have.

1) First look through the catalogue and circle the lots that you are interested in.

2) Then list the lots that you are interested in on the enclosed bid sheet. If more room is needed, please make a copy of the bid     sheet or use a separate piece of paper.

3) Simply list the prices that you want to pay, next to the lot number.

4) Determining the price that YOU want to pay for a lot can be difficult at best. Please keep in mind that mail sales and auctions     are how many DEALERS as well as COLLECTORS obtain stamps and coins. Our sales are no exception. This catalogue is     being sent out to more than 20,000 dealers and collectors alike. With that in mind, here are some suggestions to help you be     a successful bidder:

  1. A) United States stamp catalog prices are from the 1998 edition of the Scott Catalog, or in other cases, specialized catalogs for their relevant fields (Melone & Planty for 1st Day Covers, etc.) The better the condition of the stamp,(centering & gum), the higher the percentage of catalog that stamp will bring. Example: XF, OG, NH, stamp will probably bring full catalog or better, while a stamp that is only FINE, with a heavy hinge will probably sell for 40%-60% of catalog value. If you like well centered “premium” stamps, bid accordingly.
  2. B) Coin prices are based on current Coin World Trends and the Coin Dealer Newsletter (The Grey Sheet, considered    WHOLESALE dealer todealer prices paid), or in the case of World Coins, the Krause catalog. Mail bids for less than 75% of grey sheet price DO NOT stand a chance of winning, because most dealers are willing to pay between 75-100% of grey sheet prices for accurately graded material. As in the case of “premium” stamps, quality coins bring top prices.
  3. C) Sport card prices in this catalog are collated from the most recent monthly Beckett Sport Cards Price list or the current Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards by Krause. Prices listed are for cards in MINT condition. Lesser grades will sell for appropriate percentages of the catalog value. If you like razor-sharp “premium” cards, then please bid accordingly.
  4. D) All lots are sold to the highest bidder at one (1) increment over the second highest bid. Winning bids WILL be reduced to the appropriate amount by A.C.S.B., so if there are a lot that you really want, please feel free to bid strongly as the winning bid will be reduced, if applicable. If there is a lot that holds some interest to you, you could bid accordingly.

EXAMPLE; A lot is valued at $100.00, Bidder A puts a bid in for $85.00, Bidder B puts a bid in of $150.00. Bidder B would win the lot at $87.00, NOT $150.00.

Examples from our previous Mail Bid Sales:

Lot# 6548 US stamp #233 * VF, OG, NH, fresh deep color.-cat.$65.00 sold for $70.00

Lot# 6581 US stamp #305 * F/VF, OG, LH, bright color.-cat. $60.00 sold for $45.00

Lot# 1099 US $1.00 1897-P MS-63, brilliant, frosty, popular-cat. $65.00 sold for $65.00

Lot# 465 US 1/2 10ct.1871 XF-45 outstanding quality, nice. cat. $16.75 sold for $17.50

Lot# 7736 US BU Roll of 1949-D cents, 50 coins, brilliant,-cat. $18.00 sold for $18.00

Lot# 8534 US Scott Amer. album couple 100 diff., EST. NET__— $20.00 sold for $25.00

5) Read the terms of this sale CAREFULLY !!

6) If you want to limit the TOTAL AMOUNT OF YOUR WINNING BIDS, please fill in the appropriate area on the bid     sheet. A word to the wise, if you do not want to spend more then $500.00, then we recommended that you bid on NO ore     than $1000.00 worth of material. That is of course, if you are bidding competitively. If you’re bidding low then you will need     to bid on a lot more to reach your $500.00 limit. Please call with questions, and we recommend you read point number 11,     in Terms of Sale.

7) There are a number of different sections in this sale, including US coins, World coins, Ancient Coins, Artifacts, Paper Money, Tokens & Medals, Sport Cards, Comic Books, US stamps, World stamps, Covers and large lots. Take the time to look the entire catalog over. You never know where you will find something of interest to you.

8) If you don’t bid, you can’t win!!


********* Special Notes: *********

OR Bids, are easy and will make your bidding much more successful. When only one of several similar lots are wanted, enter a bid on each lot and indicate “OR” between them. You will only win one of these lots.

To all our foreign bidders, we will ship via, the U.S. Postal Service insured mail, once the packages reach your country’s boarder, we are not responsible for misdirected, lost, or damaged article.



(For 1st time bidders & new clients)

1) Please assume that we are honest, caring, forthright, & friendly, because we ARE!! ACSB INC., is more than 18 years old, and we have more than 100 years combined experience in the field. We treat ALL our clients fairly.

2) The following is a short list of do’s & don’ts to help YOU to enjoy our Mail Bid Sales to the fullest.


1) Please ask US questions!!! Chances are we know the answers. Really!! (Our Experience counts for something.) If we don’t know the answer, we won’t BS you, we WILL obtain it for you. Our library contains more than 1000 volumes, and is loaded with pertinent information impatiently waiting to be disseminated. “There are NO stupid questions, only stupid answers.”

2) Please ask advice!!! From friends, collectors, investors, dealers, ACSB, or fellow countrymen. Advice is free, and probably will not hurt you. (We don’t bite, but we can’t vouch for your friends, etc.!!)

3) If you need a better description of a lot, PLEASE call us and ask. We know it is difficult to get an accurate idea of a lot from a 1 or 2 line listing, especially if the lot is a large lot. However, we are more than willing to “pull out” the lot and give you a item by-item report.

4) Please double & triple check your bids. A bidding mistake could deprive another collector from obtaining an item they have been searching for long and hard.

5) Please include your daytime & evening telephone numbers. We promise not to call you to solicit for anything, nor will we EVER sell your name to another company or mailing list, however, sometimes occasions will arise when we need to be able to contact you. (Such as a mistake in bidding).

6) Please search through the whole catalog. It is split into sections for our & hopefully your convenience. You never know what might interest you.


1) Please don’t bid below melt value for gold & silver coins, or below face value for others. We have a great sense of humor, and laugh like the dickens when we receive those types of bids, but you have NO chance of winning.

2) For US coins, don’t bid 50% of current grey sheet. We laugh, but you lose!!

3) Do not bid “out of increment” by adding .01 or other odd amounts to your bids as this only LESSENS your chance of winning by forcing us to reduce your bids to their proper level, and then entering them last. (A real double whammy.)

4) Don’t limit your winnings to $300.00 and then proceed to bid on $100,000.00 worth of lots (Sad, but a true story). Nothing creates more work for us than limit bidders who bid on substantially too much material Bid approximately twice your limit dollar amount. If you have questions, please call us!!

5) Don’t ask us to “cheat” for you.

  1. A) Don’t ask us “How much is the current high bid?” Instead ask, “If I bid $10.00, will I currently be the highest bid?” (Trust us, there is a difference!) We try to be fair to everybody.
  2. B) Don’t ask us to outright sell you a lot. (The answer will be NO.)

6) Don’t ask for your winning lots to be sent “On approval” for your inspection.

7) Please don’t call to ask what lots you won until 7 days after the closing date of the sale. As we average over 1000 bidders per sale, if we spend 5 minutes with each bidder while we are trying to “break down” the sale, that’s 2 weeks worth of time.

8) Please do not bid on a lot if you have no intention of paying for it. This deprives another collector from obtaining an item he/she might have been searching long and hard for. It will also ruin your personal credit rating, as we pursue collections of our bidders to the “hilt.”

9) Don’t bid $1.00 for a $50.00 lot with the hope & prayer that “if no one else bids on this lot…” because we reserve to right to refuse any bids, and we will protect our consignors against ridiculous bids.

Richard, Mark & Eric

American Coin & Stamp Brokerage Inc.

30 Merrick Avenue

Merrick, New York 11566

1-516-546-2300 1-800-682-2272 Fax# 1-516-546-2315

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